What material is SWEETGEETS jewellery?

All of our jewellery is strictly sterling silver 925 or 9ct gold. Rose-gold or gold-plated jewellery will always have a sterling silver 925 base with no compromise on quality. We are proud to be completely transparent and provide the best quality jewellery at competitive prices. This is what makes us special.

What does sterling silver 925 mean?

Sterling Silver 925 is the best quality silver you can get which is durable and lasts a lifetime. 99% silver is too soft to make long-lasting jewellery, so for centuries, jewellers have relied on 92.5% silver strenghtened with other durable metals which do not tarnish or change colour. With love and care, your SWEETGEETS jewellery can last you a lifetime and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers.

How do I take care of my jewellery?

Sterling Silver 925 and 9ct Gold are particularly low-maintenance metals. If there are crystals embedded into the jewellery then we highly recommend you do not shower or sleep with them on. In the case of a manufacturing fault, please contact us as we have a process in place. Your full consumer rights are applied to any purchase you make with us. In terms of taking care of silver, over time it may dull. However, to get your jewellery back to its sparkly self then all you need is some warm water, tooth paste and a lint-free cloth which is complimentary with any purchase you make with us. Other than that, please make sure your jewellery does not come into contact with highly-oxidising products such as bleach.