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Our Main Committee Members

  • Dr. Erin Doyle, Doane University

  • Dr. Carolyn Brodie, Simpson College

  • Dr. Tiffany Ford, Ozarks Technical Community College

  • Dr. Wen-Jung Hsin, Park University

  • Dr. Priscilla Jimenez, Grinnell College

  • Dr. Liza Kleiman, University of Iowa

  • Kirsten Markley, Ozarks Technical Community College

  • Dr. Samuel Rebelsky, Grinnell College

  • Dr. Rafida Zaman, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Conference Chairs: 

  • Program Chair: Dr. Erin Doyle

  • Program Chair: Dr. Wen-Jung Hsin

  • Fundraising Chairs: Dr. Wen-Jung Hsin & Dr. Samuel Rebelsky

  • Registration Chair: Dr. Tiffany Ford

  • Media and Communications Chair: Dr. Rafida Zaman

  • Student Participations

    • Poster Contest Chair: Dr. Priscilla Jimenez

    • Undergrad & Graduate Research Chair: Dr. Priscilla Jimenez 

    • Lightning Talk Chair: Dr. Liza Kleiman

    • Student Social Chairs: Isabella Paulsen & Annalisa Karacay 

  • Website Chair: Dr. Wen-Jung Hsin

  • Survey Chair: Dr. Wen-Jung Hsin




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